• Mimaki I UV _ Flatbed | Skip Grant Productions
  • Mimaki UV Flatbed | Skip Grant Productions

UV Mini Kits

The UV Mini Kits are an incredible way to showcase the technology of UV printing. These kits include a set of mini boards and a specialty kit.

What’s inside:

The UV Mini Boards display the array of materials you are able to print on with a UV printer.
The specialty kit is a way to amaze your customers with the all sorts of items you are able to print beautifully on including pens, stone, wine corks and more!

How it helps you

  • Instantly Get Customers Excited – Amaze everyone with UV printing
  • Establish Credibility, Look Professional – Show excellent high quality samples
  • Explain UV printing with Confidence – Educate customers quick and easily
  • Explore the “100 WAYS” they can profit – Overwhelm them with the possibilities
  • Show Why you’re Different – How you’re going to teach them to succeed
  • Convince them to buy from you – Their ink and media business is so important
  • Maintain Profitable Margins – Sell more, in less time, at a higher profit
  • Accelerate the Sales Process – Allows you to justify proper component pricing
  • Make Selling FUN & EASY!- The selling system is for you! Enjoy it!