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“100 WAYS” SALES KIT (customized with your logo & colors)

100 WAYS Sales Kit (for EcoSolvent Printer/Cutters) Have your customers see and feel the products you are pitching with these high quality sample boards. Just perfect for the sales professional who needs a strong presentation capable of illustrating all areas of digital labels, decals, signs, banners, displays, photo and fine art, vehicle graphics, garment decorating, window treatments, wall graphics, industrial markings and more. *Customizable Sales Kits (with your branding) come with 24 boards and will become your most effective sales tool to sell output from your Large Format printer/cutter!

All products expand through endless markets like labels, decals, signs, banners, displays, vehicles, industrial labels, fine art, interior design, garment decorating and more..AMAZING!**Just imagine how excited you’ll be to show people what you can do!

How it helps you

  • Instantly Get Customers Excited – Amaze everyone with digital print and cut
  • Establish Credibility, Look Professional – Show excellent high quality samples
  • Explain ‘print-cut’ with Confidence – Educate customers quick and easily
  • Explore the “100 WAYS” they can profit – Overwhelm them with the possibilities
  • Show Why you’re Different – How you’re going to teach them to succeed
  • Convince them to buy from you – Their returning business is important
  • Maintain Profitable Margins – Allows you to justify proper component pricing
  • Accelerate the Sales Process – Sell more, in less time, with more profit
  • Make Selling FUN & EASY!- The selling system is for you! Enjoy it!