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The “100 Ways” Selling System has been proven to dramatically help end users sell more digital printing products! They allow anyone to easily show high quality samples and quickly explain the “100 WAYS” in which they can create print & cut products for their customers! These Sales Tools are a must for any new shop to help launch new business, but also can be a key component to allow established companies to re-visit existing clients and ignite them with new possibilities!

The “100 WAYS” SALES KIT is a traveling sales case designed with your logo and colors on the board headers as well as the case. These 24 meticulously handcrafted boards carefully tell the complete story of every major application available. This complete kit allows anyone to talk about anything from simple cut vinyl letters all the way up to the more complex (and profitable) digital products. More importantly it allows the salesperson to establish credibility…then sell, specify and correctly price the job with value and high profits. These customized kits come with matching accessories like a folding rack, color swatchbook &  substrate sampler. We also offer an optional “Wall System POP Display” which allows all 24 boards to be handled and stored on a vertical wall. Very impressive to decorate a showroom while still being able to be easily packed up for the traveling rep.

How it helps you

  • Instantly Get Customers Excited – Amaze everyone with digital print and cut
  • Establish Credibility, Look Professional – Show excellent high quality samples
  • Explain ‘print-cut’ with Confidence – Educate customers quick and easily
  • Explore the “100 WAYS” they can profit – Overwhelm them with the possibilities
  • Show Why you’re Different – How you’re going to teach them to succeed
  • Convince them to buy from you – Their returning business is important
  • Maintain Profitable Margins – Allows you to justify proper component pricing
  • Accelerate the Sales Process – Sell more, in less time, at a higher profit
  • Make Selling FUN & EASY!- The selling system is for you! Enjoy it!